Decorative Films & Corporate Branding

Solyx Films Selection


A beautiful way to protect your privacy.
Our exclusive line of Architectural Window Films gives you the look and privacy of etched glass for a fraction of the cost. Perfect for both new construction and existing buildings, these films are ideal for interior glass partitions as well as the inside surface of exterior windows. There is a variety of textures that can be custom cut with our in house plotting system to give you the precise design you desire.



Features and benefits

Custom interior design films add a new dimension to space. Like some Scotchcal™ films, these decorative films are applied to glass to create a beautiful etched appearance without the associated high cost. These maintenance-free, fingerprint-resistant films create a uniform appearance that is not typically found in traditional window films. Light is dispersed softly, rendering a high-class, tranquil atmosphere.


Bring your brand to life in new and unexpected ways and create meaningful connections between your customers and your business. Architectural applications  include privacy and decorative window graphics. Create a corporate branding experience with unlimited possibilities.