A Family Tradition

Dan and Cheri Wubs, Clearview Solutions Incorporated

For Dan and Cheri Wubs installing window film is a family tradition.In 1968, Dan’s father, Fred, was one of the original 3M dealers in the U.S. Dan’s brother,Dave Wubs owns and operates Midwest Solar Control Corporation in Chicago.After 31 years of installing film it’s safe to say window film runs through their veins.CD-2011-3

Now Dan and his wife C own Clearview Solutions Incorporated with locations in the Chicago area and in Bozeman, Montana.“Dan manages all, architectural graphics and corporate branding projects while I manage the company’s sales and administrative side of things,” says Cheri.“We make certain that a family member over sees every aspect of the business to maintain Clearview’s high service and quality standards.”The Wubs were singled out as Film Stars because of their ability to adapt and change with the economy. They feel their start-to-finish service makes them stand out.“[What makes us stand out is our] ability to provide the most complete personal service from the first contact to the final window installed as well as getting a call from that same client five years later,” says Dan. “We have found that by providing a one source solution for the client is key. Recommending the right product for the customer no matter who the manufacturer is will always keep you in the customer’s good graces. It lets the client know you’re on their side when it comes to accomplishing their goals.” Dan and Cheri Wubs’ start-to-finish service and ability to adapt in a tough economy has made them stand out among the rest.

Because of their business sense Dan and Cheri have been able to work on some high profile projects.

“Some of the most memorable projects have been The Sears Tower in the 1980s and homes in Aspen, Colo. to Malibu, Calif.,” says Cheri. “We have been given the opportunity to work on our clients’ residences all across the country. Seeing things like indoor waterfalls, secret rooms and multilevel parking facilities never ceases to amaze us. When owners, their architect and interior design teams create residences worth $30 to $200 million dollars the interiors are so amazing they overwhelm you.”

When Dan and Cheri have free time they enjoy spending it with their Children and Grandchild who live in Illinois, Montana and California.