A Family Tradition

For Dan and CJ & B Wedding (1)heri Wubs installing window film is a family tradition. In 1968, Dan’s father, Fred, was one of the original 3M dealers in the U.S. Dan’s brother,Dave Wubs owns and operates Midwest Solar Control Corporation in Chicago.After 37
years of installing film it’s safe to say window film runs through their veins.

Dan and Cheri own Clearview Solutions Incorporated with locations in Montana & the Chicago area. Dan & Cheri are proud to become a member of the Circle of Regional Excellence (CORE) in 2016.

Huper Optik USA
recognized Clearview as one of the finest dealers in their network. Each region of the country has a CORE member to represent the dealers in the area. Dan & Cheri have shown an outstanding ability to represent not only the best in our Industry, but operates their business as one of the best in our Network. They believe their start-to-finish service makes them stand out.“Our ability to provide the most complete personal service from the first contact to project completion.


2-15-2008_045truck2“We have found that by providing a one source solution for the client is key. Recommending the right product for the every client is an essential aspect to serving our clients. It lets the client know you’re on their side when it comes to accomplishing their planned project goals.” Dan and Cheri Wubs’ start-to-finish service and ability to service clients with multiple home locations has made them stand out among the rest.

When Dan and Cheri have free time they enjoy spending it with their Children and Grandchild who live in Illinois, Montana and California.